LoveCraft is a mobile dating sim game where you can romance the creature(s) of your dreams. I am taking on the role of UI Designer. By the end of the project, I will have created a logo for the game, an app icon, layout and assets for the menus, as well as dialog boxes and buttons.

I’m currently working on finalizing the logo for the game! I started out by sketching out some ideas that I thought would bring the theme of our game across. LoveCraft is a world where both magic and technology thrive, as well as a place where all sorts of creatures can coexist with one another. In my initial sketches, I wanted to play with the idea of love potions and weird knick-knacks that you might find in a magic shop.

When working on a logo (specifically one that has words), I start off by experimenting with different typefaces. From my first impression of the game and not quite knowing if it would be more bubbly and cute (due to my preconceived notions of dating sims) versus Lovecraftian (the inspiration for some of the creatures in our game), I decided to go with something more geometric that could be altered with color or additional assets to push the design in either direction.

After sharing my drafts with the team, the feedback that I received made it clear that our game should live in a middle ground between bubbly/cute and magic/creepy. I decided to keep certain elements of my experimentation with the typeface and add some cute/creepy elements into the mix. I’m currently working on finalizing the logo, but we are currently down to these two drafts.

The first is a crystal heart with a banner over it, and the second one is made to look like a love potion that is half full.

This draft is a crystal heart with a banner over it. The “e" in Love has a short tail and "CRAFT” is in all caps with a different font than the other version.

This draft is made to look like a love potion that is half way full. The tail on the “e" is long and the word "Craft” is capitalized normally.

These last two screenshots are some drafts for the layout/design of our dialog boxes and menus. They are still very much in the preliminary stage, and I will be sure to update this page when those assets are finalized.

The character was drawn by one of our awesome artists, and the background image is being used as a placeholder. From the conversation with the team, I think we might be using the far right dialog boxes, and altering the colors for each of the different characters in the game.

To be continued...

  • Role UI Designer

  • For Mobile

  • Date December 2018 – Present

  • Type UI Design

  • Made With Unity

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